Boondock Sinners

The story so far...

Sun. Jan. 11, 2009

8:00 pm

Evelynn, Joe, Nicolai, and Ian live in their Haven above the Boston Museum of Art and History. Joe is a loner, and often leaves to wander the docks soon after waking. One night after Joe had left, the rest of the group hears a woman screaming in the alley below. Nicolai jumps down to investigate. He finds three men in gray robes standing in his way. Nicolai asks the men what’s going on, they tell him “It’s none of your business.” Seeing as he is not a morally upright individual, Nicolai simply climbs back to the Haven and waits for the men to leave.

9:00 pm

Upon jumping back down, he finds a woman, dead, with her heart cut out. Hearing sirens, he flees back to the roof of the museum. He watches as a police man approaches the scene, and freezes in mid-stride. Nicolai begins to approach the frozen officer, but is stopped with a “I wouldn’t touch him, if I were you.” “And why is that?”, Nicolai responds. “Because we don’t want him unfreezing, and seeing us near that”, says the man as he points to the woman’s corpse, “Please, come with me.” Hesitantly, Nicolai follows the man in black to his car. The man introduces himself as “Vincent”. He is a tall blond man with a particularly cheery voice for his solemn exterior. He explains that a group of Mages, know only as the “Harbingers of Omega” plan to merge the supernal world (the world of magic that exists on a separate plain of existence from our world), with our own, causing one of two things to happen. Either it would cause every living Sleeper (mortal, non-Mage) to Awaken, or almost certainly kill every mortal on earth via a mental overload. Either way, hunting would become quite difficult.

Meanwhile Joe is down near the docks, hunting dogs with s spear made from a tree branch.

9:30 pm

When questioned about why Nicolai and his Coterie-mates would be the right Kindred for the job, Vincent responds with something about a common link to Rasputin. Without another word Nicolai invites Vincent up to his Haven to speak with everyone else. Vincent imparts his knowledge with the Coterie, and further explains that the person killed tonight was a mortal descendant of one of the first 5 Mage Kings. She was the third victim. Vincent claimed to have someone within the Harbingers, playing his eyes and ears who would let him know when and where the next murder would take place. “I’ll be in contact with you”, and with that, Vincent left.

10:00 pm

Evelynn calls Joe, and tells him to come back to the Haven.

10:30 pm

Nicolai, Evelynn, and Ian run into Joe, as they leave their Haven, after waiting for him for half an hour. “We’re going hooker hunting!” Ian exclaims to Joe, who complains that they should’ve waited for him to return. Evelynn texts Joe saying “We’re heading to the docks.” Joe smashes his phone to the ground.

11:00 pm

Joe goes out and smashes a window of a cellular phone store and takes a phone, while the others go hunting. Evelynn finds a stray cat in an alley way, promptmy wrings its neck, and has herself a meal. Nicolai decides to find a streetwalker to seduce, and makes a quick snack. Ian on the other hand, decides that trying to assault a woman (who he assumes is intoxicated) outside of a bar is the best idea in the world. He fails at first (getting a knee to the crotch and mace to the face), but eventually knocks her unconscious, takes his fill, then has his ghoul, Brooklyn, call for an ambulance.

12:00 Midnight


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